Nike – X vines

When working alongside Nike & W+K for this campaign, we had to design moves that would be suitable for the Vine format – short in length, high in terms of audience impact and delivers the message that both Nike and W+K want. We began by casting the footballers, making sure they were able to execute […]

Budweiser – Dream Goal

With football punditry and analysis being at the forefront of every televised game, Budweiser & Anomaly wanted to bring the world of in-depth analysis and combine it with traditional Sunday League football. We started by choreographing a ‘Dream Goal’ that captures the real world of Sunday League football that a team of esteemed pundits can […]

FB – Summer Friendly

With the World Cup making 2014 the summer of football, we worked with Pulse Films & W+K in creating this ‘Summer Friendly’ campaign for Facebook. The production initially began street casting, bringing together a variety of characters and ethnicities to feature in the film. We consulted alongside them in recruiting the cast, bringing in some […]

New Balance – Storm

After reading the script for New Balance’s 2015 global campaign, we were briefed to source supporting talent from a wide range of sports to create the energy for the eye of a sporting storm. We were also asked to direct the casting for our hero runner in which we coached and perfected her running technique. […]