Joaquin is our Spanish Project Manager, coordinating and overseeing our operations in both Barcelona & Madrid. Known affectionately as ‘Pipa’ Joaquin’s background in production, logistics and communications allow him to lead and direct our outstanding growth in Spain. Fluent in over 4 languages, Pipa’s career in professional football throughout Argentina, Brazil, Spain and England gave […]


A committed and versatile member of the Sports On Screen family, Amanuel’s talents have lead to him choreographing some of the world’s best athletes. Amanuel mixes his background in product and encyclopedic knowledge of player technology to conceptualize alongside the client in delivering authentic choreography tailored to the brand aims. A certified Level 3 Personal […]


Isa has been an on-going body double for some of the world’s best football players for many years. His ability to study the players minds, movements & skills has isolated him from the crowd. Whether on-screen body doubling, or branching into the off-screen choreographing industry, Isa’s unique ability to visualise and capture the greatness that […]

Dean Holness

Dean has been helping create some of the world’s best and most recognisable sporting advertisements since 2007. He has a career in professional football as well as leading roles in television and film – giving a unique view and understanding from both sides of the camera, which allows him to contribute on set in order […]

Xbox – Invitation

With the launch of the Xbox One, we worked alongside CP+B with the football scenes featuring Steven Gerrard. With football only being a small segment of the commercial, the content we worked on was mainly acting based. Due to our ongoing relationship with Steven through his various personal, club, and national sponsors, we were brought […]

Qatar – FCB

Our ongoing working relationship with FC Barcelona enabled us to work alongside director Nick Gordon for this production for Qatar Airways – promoting the club as the ‘Team that unites the World’. Our consultancy on the commercial was to ensure that the players were able to relax enough in order to act their parts well, […]

Nike – X vines

When working alongside Nike & W+K for this campaign, we had to design moves that would be suitable for the Vine format – short in length, high in terms of audience impact and delivers the message that both Nike and W+K want. We began by casting the footballers, making sure they were able to execute […]

Cooper Tires

Performance Communications approached our team to develop a challenge concept that incorporated Arsenal and commercial partner – Cooper Tires. The concept we designed was based on the tire product, creating a challenge that involved striking accuracy and the ability to increase difficulty to encourage friendly competition. We also hosted the competition, using our relationship with […]

Budweiser – Dream Goal

With football punditry and analysis being at the forefront of every televised game, Budweiser & Anomaly wanted to bring the world of in-depth analysis and combine it with traditional Sunday League football. We started by choreographing a ‘Dream Goal’ that captures the real world of Sunday League football that a team of esteemed pundits can […]