“Taps” as he is know to our clients, is one of our content producers and videographers here at Sports On Screen. Despite his young age Taps has had years of experience in the sports media, advertising and film industries. Working with world class film and television production crews, Taps and our team have established a […]


The youngest member of the Sports On Screen Team, Frank joined the team after plenty of industry experience across Europe. A Producer & Videographer, Frank brings a creative skillset to our team, with a background in both sports and music. His deep understanding of both sectors have enabled him to thrive amongst our clients in […]

Replay – Hyperflex

Our team worked closely with 180 Amsterdamin – choreographing moves for a campaign featuring players from FC Barcelona for Replay Jeans. The concept was based on the ‘Hyperflex’ Jean, requiring the moves to be dynamic and agile – a reflection of the product. The film features athletes such as Andres Iniesta, Neymar& Gerard Pique all […]

Qatar – FCB

Our ongoing working relationship with FC Barcelona enabled us to work alongside director Nick Gordon for this production for Qatar Airways – promoting the club as the ‘Team that unites the World’. Our consultancy on the commercial was to ensure that the players were able to relax enough in order to act their parts well, […]

Nike – X vines

When working alongside Nike & W+K for this campaign, we had to design moves that would be suitable for the Vine format – short in length, high in terms of audience impact and delivers the message that both Nike and W+K want. We began by casting the footballers, making sure they were able to execute […]

Cooper Tires

Performance Communications approached our team to develop a challenge concept that incorporated Arsenal and commercial partner – Cooper Tires. The concept we designed was based on the tire product, creating a challenge that involved striking accuracy and the ability to increase difficulty to encourage friendly competition. We also hosted the competition, using our relationship with […]

Budweiser – Dream Goal

With football punditry and analysis being at the forefront of every televised game, Budweiser & Anomaly wanted to bring the world of in-depth analysis and combine it with traditional Sunday League football. We started by choreographing a ‘Dream Goal’ that captures the real world of Sunday League football that a team of esteemed pundits can […]

Last game

We consulted and helped choreograph this animated short alongside Passion Pictures & Nike Football. With a team of Nike’s global athletes all featuring, we worked alongside the animators to ensure all their signature characteristics were captured within the player moves. To give the animators a clear understanding of specific skills within the script, we had […]

FB – Summer Friendly

With the World Cup making 2014 the summer of football, we worked with Pulse Films & W+K in creating this ‘Summer Friendly’ campaign for Facebook. The production initially began street casting, bringing together a variety of characters and ethnicities to feature in the film. We consulted alongside them in recruiting the cast, bringing in some […]