Budweiser Dream Goal

Project Description

With football punditry and analysis being at the forefront of every televised game, Budweiser & Anomaly wanted to bring the world of in-depth analysis and combine it with traditional Sunday League football.

We started by choreographing a ‘Dream Goal’ that captures the real world of Sunday League football that a team of esteemed pundits can analyse. The goal was finalized, before casting real life Sunday League footballers to execute the move. Through a single casting session, we gathered two team’s worth of players who were then assigned roles based on their specific skill sets and personalities. By going through both the casting and move design processes, it allowed us to maximize the talents of each individual footballer and keep the pressures of time management down to a minimum. So the roles both the client and creative team had written were all serviced for, whilst also having the ability to execute the move designed which was key for our team.

  • Supplied Footballers
  • 1 x Casting session
  • 1x Rehearsal day
  • 1x Shoot day