FACEBOOK Summer Friendly

Project Description

With the World Cup making 2014 the summer of football, we worked with Pulse Films & W+K in creating this ‘Summer Friendly’ campaign for Facebook.

The production initially began street casting, bringing together a variety of characters and ethnicities to feature in the film. We consulted alongside them in recruiting the cast, bringing in some of our own talent to accompany those already found. With limited time to rehearse it was key we had characters amongst the group that could immediately bring everybody together and really create the friendly atmosphere our clients were after. The choreography for this commercial involved us setting up a game structure using a multiple camera set up and coaching the models how to react when placed in certain scenarios. The creative team were very keen on the game naturally playing out so we gave the players freedom within our structure, which allowed the directors to capture the natural emotion associated with summertime fun amongst friends.

  • Supplied footballers
  • 1 x Rehearsal day
  • 1 x Shoot day