Nike Hypervenom II

Project Description

With the entire project centered around the latest Oculus 360-degree technology, the aim was to completely immerse the viewer inside a virtual world. The brief from Nike & W + K was to showcase Neymar Jr.’s signature playing style and give the audience the unique opportunity to experience first-hand Neymar Jr.’s movement during games.

The technology initially raised questions with some of the key components of choreography such as movement,player contact, and which methods need to be implemented in order for the user to fully maximize the 360 degree user experience. During the rehearsals these obstacles were overcome and the entire campaign was brought to life by careful planning and choreography by working alongside both the Director Adam Berg and the VFX team. The final result brings to life a world tailored to match Neymar Jr.’s, allowing the user to experience his world through their own eyes.

  • Supplied Stand-In Skills Double
  • Supplied Footballer Extras
  • 1x Casting session
  • 1x Rehearsal day
  • 3 x Shoot days