Nike Just do it ‘Possibilities’

Project Description

To celebrate 25 years of ‘Just Do It’ W+K & Nike approached us with the premise of a 90 second film showcasing various different athletes.

We casted for the footballers, the freestylers as well as the table tennis players, providing the specialist talent who were able to execute the moves written within the script. Once they were casted our team worked closely with director Nicolai Fuglsig to create dynamic sport content befitting of the energy and style associated with ‘Just Do It’. So we designed a variety of moves with athletes such as Gerard Pique and our talent were incorporated within the moves alongside these global Nike athletes. This award winning campaign ended up truly capturing the legacy of Just Do It.

  • Supplied Talent
  • 4 x Casting sessions
  • 4 x Rehearsal days
  • ? x Shoot Days