Sainsbury's Christmas 2014

Project Description

Rattling Stick & AMV BBDO came to our team with an idea of recreating the iconic Christmas day truce during World War I.

An incredible moment of history to recreate, our team began by sitting down with Director Ringan Ledwidge to discus the creative vision. It was key that the emotion of the occasion would be represented through the football scenes and our ongoing working relationship alongside Ringan enabled us to establish this from the beginning. This meant the players had to both have an understanding of the game, and the significance of that moment in order to create that natural emotion associated with the iconic match. With this notion in place, our team casted the footballer soldiers for both the armies, and paid close attention in trying to emulate the comradery amongst the group reflective of the truce in 1914. The end results provide football scenes that sit perfectly alongside the emotional narrative created by Ringan and AMV BBDO.

  • Supplied Footballers
  • 1 x Casting session
  • 1x Rehearsal day
  • 3 x Shoot days